Category: Intuitive Eating

A Shavuos Meditation

Shavuos is fast approaching. Music, dancing, and that dairy kiddush! We celebrate the moment that we received the Torah with joy, with gratitude, and with open hearts and minds. This year, as we complete counting the Omer, let’s take our newly polished neshamos and truly celebrate! Some famous philosopher, or maybe my uncle Yankel, once […]

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3 Questions to Consider When Choosing an Intuitive Eating Program

It’s Intuitive Eating Wednesday! This is the day I answer your questions on intuitive eating and/or emotional eating. Today’s question comes from a woman I spoke to on Monday. Let’s call her Pat. Pat contacted me to learn more about my 5 Step Intuitive Eating Program called Freedom to Eat Forever™. You see, she’s been dieting for a […]

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How the Diet Industry Positions Users to Blame Themselves

I was thinking about something the other day. It was about the diet industry. According to data by Marketdata Enterprises, a market research firm, Americans spend more than $60 billion annually to try to lose weight, on everything from paying for gym memberships and joining weight-loss programs to buying diet foods and beverages. That’s a lot […]

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