My Desert Island

I’ve had a busy day.

Have you had a busy day?

It was so busy, I forgot to eat lunch. Then, on my way home, I got this crazy craving for a milkshake. But I can’t give in. You know, because of my thighs. My thighs love each other so much, they just can’t get enough time together. It’s like my thighs are having their very own love affair and would like to run away together.

So no milkshake.

But I know, I just know, that the chocolately goodness will be on my mind. And haunt my dreams.

Have you ever had the thought, “I could just escape from my life and live on a secluded beach with a man-servant and unending cocktails?”

Really, who hasn’t thought that? But consider the reality. Sure, a day would be great. Maybe three days would be relaxing. But after a short amount of time, it would get boring. You would get what you need out of it, and then actually want your busy, demanding life. It’s not a far reach, right?

Eating is the same way. We avoid foods in an attempt for health. We avoid foods in order to be thin. We avoid foods because of what society thinks we should be eating.


But what if, and stay with me here for a moment, what if I gave in? What if I had that milkshake? What if I had another one tomorrow? And another the day after?

It’s just like that secluded desert island. It would get boring. I would crave other experiences. Other tastes. Other sensations. Suddenly a milkshake is boring.

What if, at the same time, I notice that after that milkshake, I get tired and feel run down? That would certainly impact the enjoyment factor. It might lessen the excitement.

The desert island gets boring. Just as indulging in fun foods gets boring. When you listen to your body and truly take care of yourself, your internal voice gets louder. That little tiny voice can be heard shouting for a hug, a manicure, a girl’s night out, or even a chocolate milkshake.

That internal voice, the one that’s been there since you were born, can tell you what you need. You can trust it. Hashem put it there to help guide you. That internal voice speaks for your hunger and fullness cues, but also for your spiritual and social needs. All of these must be taken into account when considering health.

The whole body, including the mind and spirit. Not one aspect is more important than another.