Sugar Obsessed… Or Are You Just Stressed?

Dassy has had a long day at work. When she returns home, as per her ritual, she goes straight to little Nachi. She scoops him up into her arms, takes a deep breath and feels her muscles begin to unclench. A feeling of bliss washes over her.

Chevi looks forward to Shabbos all week long. She loves the slow pace, the togetherness, and the family traditions and minhagim. Preparing for Shabbos, though, is another story. This particular Erev Shabbos, Chevi is feeling very, very tired and cranky and everything is irking her. Suddenly, she has a burst of inspiration. She goes to the stereo and pops in her favorite CD—the upbeat one that brings back wonderful memories. “I can do this with a smile,” she tells herself as she pulls out a bowl to make challah.

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